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National Security & Intelligence

We take a collaborative approach to the analysis and evaluation of our client’s needs, always prioritizing trusted long-term solutions.

With over 20 years experience, our intelligence experts integrate talent and technology to protect national security, supporting your organization’s most critical missions.


We use pioneering technologies and deep technical expertise to extract actionable insights that improve performance and inform predictions.

We orchestrate well-planned strategies for the deployment of AI and data science solutions that improve your operational efficiency.

Artificial Intelligence


Data Science

We recognize the huge burden organizations face as they seek to protect sensitive data. Our team uses advanced methods and tools to transform diverse data extracted from disparate sources into actionable insights working to uncover and methodically examine the data driving our clients' enterprises.

We combine our experience providing data science consulting services and the knowledge of industry-specific business processes to unveil and match your specific needs with tailored data science solutions.

In addition, Pendulum can empower your organization to implement advanced Machine Learning models, and craft a uniquely tailored AI strategy specific to your long-term mission.


Machine Learning

Our machine learning engineers handle all data-related tasks to construct, train, and implement models to reach your desired outcomes. In addition, our team assists in incorporating fully functional models into enterprise software.

Our expertise includes using supervised, unsupervised, and reinforcement learning to create data science solutions that handle complicated tasks and automate business operation solving the most complex problems.


Leading the way for innovative and efficient cyber solutions.

Our strategic defensive solutions protect our nation’s infrastructure and centers of excellence utilizing the latest mitigation strategies and tools to thwart cyber actors from accessing, manipulating, and stealing data or disrupting integral systems using SIGINT and OSINT, cyber threat analytics, malware analysis, and reverse engineering.


Our engineers have the deep technical expertise to help our agency partners create storage and network infrastructure that can be deployed quickly and scaled as needed.

We customize solutions that allow our customers to transform even the most complex architecture, platforms, application, and infrastructure. Our team has the capability to provide a holistic approach from cloud assessment and strategy, cloud management, migration and modernization, optimization and ATO support.


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