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Defense Solutions You Can Trust 

We deliver innovative defense solutions that stay ahead of evolving threats. By combining experience, expertise, and the latest technological advancements we secure, connect, and streamline the systems that keep our nation and centers of excellence secure.



Leading the way for innovative and efficient cyber solutions.

With cyber crime becoming more sophisticated, striking the balance between protecting sensitive data and remaining accessible to end users grows more challenging by the minute.

We help you determine whether their environment contains vulnerabilities that can be exploited.

We evaluate applications to minimize the risk of information leakage, authentication and session management breaches, spoofing, impersonation, command injections and denial of service attacks.

Many times, the best defense is a good offense.  Our intelligent network monitoring and forensics leads to efficient threat hunting by using the latest threat analytics to aggressively detect zero day and other malicious network activity.  Once detected our analyst will develop an in depth solution using the latest threat modeling and mitigation tools to ensure a robust defense to thwart these attacks.

Over 20 years experience in Computer Network Operations, Computer Network Defense, and Risk Management Frameworks.

We partner with our clients in developing policies, strategies, plans, processes, models, and statements on their position on risk.

Cybercrime To Cost The World

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Annually By 2025




of professional hackers can infiltrate an organization within 12 hours

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